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Our philosophy and aims
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Currently, our main production program is the production of fresh cheese in a basic taste and in 4 flavoured variants (flavour of garlic, horseradish, Mexico, Provencal spice), cream cottage cheese in a basic flavour and in 3 flavoured variants (salty, sweet capsicum, herbal), natural half-tough cheese of Eidam and Gouda type and to produce butter from unprocessed cheese milk fat. We also continue in the development of other specialities in the sphere of cheese. Daily milk receipt increased up to 30,000 litres.

The Dairy Kroměříž has solely focused on production activity and its business activities have been handed over to wholesale partners since 1998. Since than the number of employees has been reduced to 36. Since September 2000 our main business partner has been the wholesale company ALIMPEX, Ltd., Prague with countrywide range of activity. Our products are delivered into a whole range of retail chain stores via this company.

As for our products, we regularly take part in competitions in the Czech Republic and Slovakia. We have received many awards, especially in this January, when we won 1st price in a National Exhibition of Cheese with the cheese “Krásná Haná - Gouda” in the category “Tough and half-tough cheese with the period of ageing at least 3 months”. We also participate in organising specialised cheese seminars, in co-operation with the Czech and Moravian Milk Union and the Secondary milk school.

Our aim is to succeed on a demanding market with dairy products and to partake in a consumer’s satisfaction with the assortment of quality products and, at the same time, to prepare the students of the Secondary school of food and the Secondary milk school in the best possible way for their practical work life.

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The sole distributor of our products is the company ALIMPEX FOOD a.s.

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